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Don't you just love London?

March 25, 2017

 In the aftermath of the 'terrorist attack' in Westminster, I find a renewed love for London and its residents.  I don't know how other cities react when something horrendous happen, but london most definitely does it in style. Everybody cares, nobody changes in the slightest their life.  When things like this happens around the world I find social media is at its best!  Some people went on facebook and 'checked in' as safe, others found absurd that anyone would do so.  One of my fb friends cheked in to say he was safe in Harlesden and has been doing it everyday since.


We are very used to it.  And by it we mean nutters in the streets.  Specially since the hospitals no longer care for the mental ill.  Care in the community really means lost in society and nobody cares.


To label this mentally ill man with a history of violence (just the fact that he changed his name for a religion speaks millions about his mental state) as a terrorist is in my opinion going way too far.  We londoner have had our share of terrorism.  Those acts were organised by groups of people, the IRA for example or the bombing of the Israely embassy.  This incident in Westminster bridge however, reminds me of the film 'Falling down' with Michael Douglas.  


I guess it is quite difficult for society to admit it is failling so miserably the vulnerable, so it is easier to blame on terrorism.  When we are trying to hide the fact that people are going around starving and having to get food from food banks, or rob to feed their children, it is very hard to admit to more failure. 


And that is when I love London.  Because most of us know.  Because despite everything we have compassion. Because unlike the rest of the country we knew what this government was about, and Brexit.  Because despite of what most people think, London congregates great minds with very big hearts.


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