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Nov 4, 2017

The older parent versus the teenager


Edited: Nov 4, 2017

As an older mother to a teenager, I don't know if it's because I've become more tolerant in my old age or if it is just that I do not have the courage to enter my teenager's bedroom anymore. Because if I do, it will be for the sole purpose of tidying it up and I think my teenager knows this, which is why I am confronted at the entrance with clothes, rucksack, books shoes strewn right over the entrance and just behind the door, which seems to be some kind of ritualistic repelant to keep me out. I'm not saying I mind this actually, one less room to tidy. But I have noticed that curtains are never opened anymore and I see this from the outside. I think my teenager is beginning to go through the Dracula phase. you know, the one where they sleep all day and are awake all night and no curtains to be opened to the outside world. Apparently it's normal. Hmmmm thoughts from any other older parents?