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May 14, 2017

Writings by leading astrologer Barry Goddard


Edited: May 17, 2017



In March I wrote The Robots are Coming, a piece about Pluto in Aquarius. Here are a few more thoughts:


I think the greatest danger from Artificial Intelligence is not that it will surpass us, but that we will dumb down to its level. Every time we answer a multiple choice character quiz on Facebook, or select options from a machine on the phone, we are becoming part of a world that tries to reduce what we think to simple, discrete categories of someone else's choosing. A world that has no place for thinking outside the box, or for just not having an answer. In this way AI becomes one more means of keeping the population docile.


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We've got rid of our gods by proving their non-existence. And I think that's part of what this drive towards Artificial Intelligence is about: filling that gods-shaped hole with something that surpasses us. But which, in this case, we fear will also destroy us. A bit like the Old Testament God, maybe. It's like we can't help but live out the old patterns underneath our shiny new technologies.


The thing about Artificial Intelligence is that it thinks in boxes. And developing AI amounts to giving it more boxes to think with. But they're still boxes, and that is why it is artificial. Humans have to make an effort to think in boxes, because our minds are more like a stream of water - that's on a good day, and like a stagnant puddle on a bad day.


But it still all connects up, it's all one thing. And when we think, we're being informed by this thing called feeling, which is primary and which you can never get to the bottom of. And to some extent feeling can be modelled and predicted, particularly when it's a stagnant puddle. But when it's a stream there's this other thing that can't be predicted. People surprise us. It's the Mariana Trench connection. And that is why robots will only ever be cleverer than us in certain ways, and we'll always be able to draw in something from somewhere else that outsmarts them.


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    Dec 12, 2017

    Click here to see the full predictions. If you would like a more detailed astrology reading, visit his website Or follow him on twitter facebook:- julian Venables Astrologer January 15th 2018 today’s astrological aspects: There’s a rare and powerful alignment between the planets Jupiter and Pluto today; Jupiter is expansion and opportunities and Pluto is power and domination. Jupiter is in the emotion oriented water sign of Scorpio and Pluto is in the earthy ambitious sign of Capricorn. Together in harmony these two planets are known as ‘the millionaire makers.’ Is there a project or concept you’re working on that could enhance your luck dramatically? Quite possibly…so read your daily horoscope for more. Aries: You know of people a long distance away who will now transform and rejuvenate your career prospects. Your deep search for the truth is now showing the results you hoped for. Your elevation into a higher level of respect is nearing completion. Taurus: By setting about learning and teaching your beliefs in a purposeful manner, more interesting and advanced people are relating to you. They also have wisdom and knowledge you can apply in a practical method. Gemini: A disciplined and purposeful reform has been set out by your partner, and you can through a greater understanding of routine and service to the cause, make much better resources through your work. Cancer: A partner or relationship has stated their ambitions and purpose, and you understand the discipline they have had to go through; the good thing is the creative and self-expressive wisdom you will asked to help them with. Leo: The power of your family and the foundation it has within your life has given you a greater understanding of how to approach a job or service oriented work situation. Establishing a routine will help you gain better control of what you can manifest. Virgo: A better understanding and growing wisdom of how you plan things out in your local environment will help you to better express yourself; a creative transformation is a good thing for you. Libra: A greater flow of resources, income and earnings might encourage you to buy more things for the family or the house; a total makeover, done practically, makes for a whole new beginning from the bottom upwards. Scorpio: An individual approach demonstrates that your general outlook is wizening up; you’re thinking more practically, purposefully and are prepared to work harder to be better organized and effective. Sagittarius: A large blessing is affecting your values about life from behind the scenes; you have worked purposefully hard to achieve hard won gains and now you get a justified reward for your efforts. Capricorn: Friends and associates are helping to expand your long term objectives and as a result, you are transforming your general outlook and approach to life. Good thing too, as presenting a disciplined first impression keeps you in the lead. Aquarius: You’ve got a good career and professional boost that’s getting you noticed, but with so much going on behind the scenes and from an unconscious perspective, you can only clear out so much ‘old stuff’ at a time. Pisces: A substantial long-distance opportunity is helping you to transform your long term goals and wishes. A through change around of friends brings in new attractions and possibilities that you can start to practically make plans with. January 16th 2018 today’s astrological aspects: Late this evening (at 21:17 eastern) is a new moon in Capricorn, the sign of responsibility and practicality. This is a good time to begin a new path, open a gateway to a new beginning, in a particular area of life. There are currently 6 planets in Capricorn adding a strong sense of purpose and foundation to anything that you are planning on beginning or establishing. Read your daily horoscope for more. Aries: It’s time to take that positive feeling and conscious need to develop your public image and career position through to the next stage, you could find yourself becoming a teacher of accrued wisdom. Taurus: You have beliefs and faith the world will always be there for you to enjoy and make something secure from; now a new beginning takes you to another level of learning and understanding. Gemini: You’re aware how cycles begin, run their course and end so the next cycle can start; something in your life that has emotional investment with another is going through a cyclic process now. Cancer: A serious and dedicated relationship is all you want to feel safe and yet there's so much ‘stuff’ to go through to get where you want to be; how about a new beginning? Yes, that’s a good idea. Leo: Your attitude towards work and the people that you work with is becoming fulfilled; the long term structure you’ve wanted to build is starting to bear fruit; now keep a disciplined lifestyle together. Virgo: The notion of children or a form of creative production starts to manifest; it’s one of those phases that’s beneficial for you; express the love and romance in your heart and see what comes back. Libra: A new beginning with domestic and family life has its challenges, but you need to be dedicated to what you deepest feelings require, which is harmony all round. Parental issues might surface. Scorpio: A change and a revival of an old way of communicating and thinking brings about a certain fulfillment and helps you learn that old tried and tested method of doing things still work, for now. Sagittarius: As you look around, you see ‘things’ that are just ‘things’; how much value or sentimentality do you attach to something that’s inanimate? Fulfillment is found through letting go and starting afresh. Capricorn: As you look in the mirror and see yourself, how about making a list of changes you’d like to make to your appearance, first impressions and general approach? There's always time for a new you! Aquarius: A thorough exploration of the deeper and even inaccessible parts of your subconscious mind will not only make you feel fulfilled but also give you some time to yourself, which would be nice. Pisces: A friend or a group takes on a more important role in fulfilling your dreams and long term ambitions. At heart you’re adaptable and you’ve got a lucky stream and flow to play in right now. January 17th 2018 today’s astrological aspects: Venus planet of love, attraction and values is soon enters the sign of Aquarius today (at 20:44 eastern) where it will stay until February 10th. This is a time when relationships could be approached in a cool, calm, collected and detached way. Read your daily horoscope for more. Aries: You’re entering a phase where you’ll function well with friends, groups and acquaintances; it’s a good time to express love feelings or attraction and see what happens to you! Taurus: You can create favorable circumstances in business or career though there's a challenge to strain feelings through rational ‘mind’ stuff, especially if you sense a lack of emotional orientation. Gemini: You’re entering a phase where encounters with interesting people will broaden your viewpoint on love and relationships and give you a lot more to think about (and get creative with). Cancer: You’re entering a phase where you’ll attract more money towards you that could in turn stimulate your relationship. At times you might wish to be aloof and impersonal. Leo: You’re entering a phase where you can express love and feelings to a partner and they’ll understand and appreciate you better than before. Virgo: You’re entering a phase where your relationships and friendships with co-workers or employees will improve and you might gain favors. It’s also a good time to go on a diet or health program. Libra: What do you enjoy doing the most? Well whatever it is now is a good phase to have some fun doing it. You’ll get on well with loved ones and be feeling quite buoyant. Scorpio: You’re entering a good phase to improve your surroundings; entertaining friends puts you in an amiable mood and helps you decide what helpful changes you can make to your home. Sagittarius: You’re entering a phase where your social life will pick up; there will be interesting, pleasant talk and conversations and you’ll feel good letting people know how much you love them. Capricorn: You’re entering a phase where you’ll attract money and material possessions which will be nice, but also you may be inclined to swing in the other direction and overspend or invest too much. Aquarius: You’re entering a phase where you’ll be keen to express yourself to others and will make a pleasing impression; you’ll enjoy an overall feeling of social agreeableness. Pisces: You’re entering a phase where through helping others you will in turn receive useful benefits and pointers in the right direction. You’ll get useful insights into unresolved relationship issues. January 18th 2018 today’s astrological aspects: Mercury planet of thinking makes a favorable and helpful sextile alignment to Neptune planet of dreams at heightening sensitivity and intuition and helping you to dream and fantasize about the possibilities. Read your daily horoscope for more. Aries: Ideas to enhance your status are continuously discussed; you want to be the unique individual who can reach into the collective unconscious and pull out the treasure that everyone wants. Taurus: It does you good to think in larger and more expansive terms; the castle in the sky becomes a little more real and there's anticipation bubbling behind the scenes. Gemini: A change of mind helps you to realize something about your professional direction that you’ve been yearning for; this brings about a sudden change of plans, intuitive flashpoints going on/off. Cancer: It’s time to tell a significant other your thoughts with some artistic flourish to get your vision across. You’re as good as ready to change your life direction, and you want to let them know. Leo: You’ve got good ideas about work and doing daily tasks where there’s an idealized vision about the money you could earn. It’s important that you get your unique beliefs across to others. Virgo: Creative ideas are many and an idealized relationship provides the best vision to use; you’re pushed to understand the potency of sudden transformation, especially if you’ve been restless. Libra: Decisions made at home help you understand why you’re such a dreamer at work; sudden talk shifts your consciousness around an unstable relationship that’s already taught you so much. Scorpio: Casual chat to neighbors or people close by see you using your ability to be creatively elusive and mysterious; a certain communications edge requires you to be unique and different at work. Sagittarius: Money talk sees you speaking dreamily about the home and foundation and your vision for it; children or a creative project might suddenly need more than you’re budgeted for. Capricorn: You’re getting ready to talk about your individuality and a happy frame of mind is easy to generate and use in communications; talk to the family could be quite edgy and restless, but necessary. Aquarius: Ideas and thoughts that you’ve kept mostly in your inner world are attuned to your spiritualized values; watch out for blurting things out inadvertently; they’re unique statements but wildcards too. Pisces: You thoughts about a friend roam far and wide and it helps you to keep an air of mysticism around you: will you, won’t you? Sudden ideas and communications see you change your values quickly. January 19th 2018 today’s astrological aspects: The Sun planet of ego moves into the sign of Aquarius this evening (at 22:09 eastern) where it will spend the next month. Aquarius is known for its progressive and futuristic awareness of life. Over the next month which area of life will you be motivated to find different perspectives and new ways of doing things? Read your daily horoscope for more. Aries: You might well be tempted to take a stand amongst a group and let yourself get noticed as you spell out your objectives and hopes and wishes for the future. Taurus: You get more easily noticed for your steady efforts; if you get a little lift into a better public position allow for progressive changes to show in your attitude rather than being too inflexible. Gemini: You make a good entertainer with your bright and witty attitude; see how you can naturally outshine others already on display, it should be you standing there, not them. Cancer: A financial situation becomes clear: a beam of light shines clearly and cuts through any previous mess. A coolly detached and independent insight rather than a tenacious or clinging attitude is needed to make the best changes to the situation. Leo: Freedom within relationships is your forte; several times you’ve converted an intimate partnership into a friendship and kept your dignity intact. Another one of those situations is starting now; see what you make of it in light of what you learnt last year. Virgo: If there's something gone wrong there's plenty of handymen and trades people to make it right again. Just getting noticed for doing things on time and precisely to schedule helps you feel more organized. Libra: There’s always time for fun and good times, particularly if you’re in the mood to show the way forward and suggest some fun things to do. A part of you makes a great father figure, and if you’ve got children, then they’re looking up to you at this time. Scorpio: Shining a light around the darker corners and nooks and crannies of your personal life or even just your house reveals some interesting insights; don’t feel pressured to disclose anything. Sagittarius: Clarified communications could see you prepared to travel a short distance in order to bring some glow and happiness feelings to people close to you; seeing them light up will help you feel better. Capricorn: You’re pretty clear and know what you want to make you stand out in your field; see how obvious personal self-worth can help you shine and be want you want to be? Aquarius: You have a natural magnetism to draw interesting and somewhat eccentric folk towards you; by shining and presenting yourself as the unique person you are, you’re a beacon to progressive types which has its advantages. Pisces: There's a right time to be noticed and stand out, and that’s usually followed by some quieter more personal and even secret space to recharge batteries. Finding that quiet space is pretty clear now, go inside and dream the next stage.