Welcome to our interactive online cafe, directed at people aged 50+ who want to  engage in building an online community of like minded people 

Grab a cup of tea, coffee, or your favourite beverage and join us in the forum to find your next job or to just share some food for thought! 


About the 50plus site

This is a free interactive site for the 50plus generation, giving us an opportunity to be part of an online community of like minded people. This is a forum, where you can find work for your age group and be one of the first to share your thoughts and views about life and anything that is of interest to you. Share your favourite photos, listen to music, share ideas on the best way to look after our pets, share your latest travel experience, healthy tips, your favourite recipes, read your newspapers, do crosswords, play cards, make new friends, find out about what's going on in your local area and get information on what your local authority and your local NHS is doing to support you. So bring your favourite cuppa and help us build our online community for friendship and support.   

                                         We look forward to meeting you. 


                                                   50PLUS JOBS

As we know, the 50plus generation is more active than ever before. This is due to the new healthier lifestyle options available to us, which keeps us more connected with society at large. One of the benefits of this, is that employment for the 50plus generation is fast becoming the new trend, especially now that the age of retirement is increasing and fortunately with companies and employers keeping up with this new development, the choices of exciting new jobs are ever increasing.  But with so many different websites offering so many different opportunities, where do we begin to look for the next job that is perfect for us, in terms of our age, the wealth of experience  that we would have acumilated by now and our aspirations? Because as we know, navigating through these different sites to find what's right for us, can be a daunting experience.

So look no further. This is a one stop interactive online support platform, for you to find jobs that are relevant to the 50 plus age group, whilst making new friends, or just simply for you to use as a filter to access  your next employment, without feeling overwhelmed about where to begin your job search.  We even have a CV template to help you write the perfect CV, whilst listening to some great music. Just open a new tab in the forum. 


                                                  Our site is easy to use. 

Just scroll down  and click on the icon, to go directly to the featured jobs in your area and to see the other services available to you. 

November 14, 2017

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